Calypso Bay Clothing carries a variety of styles from casual to special occasion.  Brands such as Dex, Soyaconcept, and Black Tape are an easy way to add some trendy pieces to your wardrobe at a great price point.  These brands are perfect for the office and have a bit more of a casual look.

We especially love brands that are made in Canada, are always on the lookout for new ones.  We carry several Canadian brands, such as Joseph Ribkoff, Lisette L, Yoga Jeans, Luc Fontaine, Pretty Woman and Bali.  The quality and fit is fantastic, and you can literally feel the difference when you put one of these pieces on in the fitting room. These are great brands to build your wardrobe around, as they will wear well for several seasons.

Soyaconcept • Joseph Ribkoff • Jeane & Jax • Tribal
Marble Fashions • M Made in Italy • Luc Fontaine
Black Tape Clothing 
and much more!